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Asset Protection: Concepts & Strategies (McGraw-Hill 2004)

Few attorneys are so widely and well-respected in the area of legitimate, pre-claim asset protection planning as Chris Riser and Jay Adkisson. Their book written jointly, Asset Protection: Concepts & Strategies (McGraw-Hill 2004) is the all-time best-selling work on the subject worldwide -- literally -- having also been translated into Chinese and sold in the Far East beginning in 2009.


Chris Riser is a former Chairman of the American Bar Association's Asset Protection Planning Committee. Jay Adkisson has uniquely lectured to the U.S. Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service about how to identify bust asset protection plans, and is nationally renown for his exploits in collecting against debtors in difficult situations. Both Chris and Jay are frequently asked to lecture on the topic of asset protection, and have done to so many professional groups from the American Bar Association, to various state and county bar associations, the Heckerling Institute, the Financial Planning Association, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and many similar groups nationwide.


Chris Riser integrates asset protection with estate planning to attempt to harmonize those objectives and is responsible for much of the firm's planning and drafting work. Chris also handles the tax planning aspects of all planning done.


Jay Adkisson has been frequently quoted on the subject of asset protection in the financial press, has been an expert witness to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, is a contributing writer to Forbes and hosts their "Wealth Conservation" blog. He also actively litigates cases involving asset protection issues from both the creditor-side and the debtor-side.


Together, Chris and Jay create custom-tailored plans that are designed specifically for each client, and do not engage in any cookie-cutter work of any type. Their innovative strategies and tactics are based on sound law and they take a conservative and fail-safe approach to planning, often making novel uses out of traditional but tried-and-tested planning structures. (There are, of course, no guarantees that any planning will be completely effective in all situations, particularly in bankruptcy.)


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We absolutely do not provide asset protection planning to clients who already have an existing, substantial claim, so don't even ask.


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